Thursday, August 15, 2013

*the sound of someone hyperventilating from happiness*

Okay, y'all. Prepare for the picture post of a picture post. This is gonna be AMAZING.

So I was working on Japanese translations for the museum and then Cindy (my lovely boss) pulls up the Lime Kiln hydrophones on her computer, and what do we hear?

One even comes right up to the hydrophone and starts singing into it or something. It was loud!

So I go up to the museum and get the hydrophones on the speakers and start telling people about the calls. Then Cindy sprints up the stairs and tells me to come down, quick! We're going to Lime Kiln.

We convince Patrick to come with us and then we are off! Halfway there, however,  the calls taper off the hydrophones. We're halfway there and the whales are leaving!

As we speed across the highway, we turn onto Landbank--and we see the whale watch boats in the water. With a screech of tires, we turn into the parking spot and bodily launch ourselves out of the car. I already have my camera out, and this is what we see:


Not a tail lob, but just a slowly sinking tail....what?!

Someone's belly up!

What a gorgeous sight

Logging alone!

Logging with family!


Beginnings of a "Tiny Tail Lob!"

D'awww, cutie!

Some sort of synchronized swimming

And a seal pup surprised us!

And then they started getting close to land






*passes out from excitement*

I see a "sea snake"

Seal pup again!

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