Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Odyssey on the Odyssey

Today I took a quick jaunt with Melissa on the Odyssey during lunch today. It's my last full day on the island and I'm determined to enjoy myself. Most of my packing is done and I am going to make some memories!
Me and Melissa - picture from the boat's camera - check them out at San Juan Excursions!

And make some memories I did! There was so much wildlife out here today!

Another harbor porpoise!

The picture of a lifetime: I got one's face!!

Here's our national bird

And here are some Stellar Sea Lions
And with this Stellar Sea Lion picture comes the meat of this post. We did see a Minky swimming around (though he was super sneaky) and some seals, but I was so excited when I saw these big guys.

These are the "losers" of the Stellar Sea Lion world. They're young boys who didn't manage to grab any territory (or ladies) this season, so they're all sulking back here. Little did I know what we were going to witness today.

They're also super lazy--they love sunning themselves, but some will wave for the camera.

And then it happened. What happened, Sarah? Stop beating around the bush already! you may say.

We got to witness a dominance fight between two males. The sound was atrocious--so loud with barking and braying and that deep, throaty note that sea lions make.

A challenger approaches. The head male lets out a warning yodel-howl


And yet he still approaches!

Time for some shouting and posturing, much like adolescent, human males

The incumbent remains triumphant!
I can't believe today's my last day on the island. It feels unreal. What am I going to do after this experience? This internship has really solidified my desire--I want to work in museum education, just like Cindy. It's ground-breaking, life-changing. I know what I want to do. I have direction. This is amazing.

Thank you so much, San Juan Island and everyone at the Whale Museum. Thank you so much.

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