Saturday, August 17, 2013

Emergency Soundwatch and Night at the Fair

So, today there were no volunteers for Soundwatch, so I eventually (at 1pm) joined on. And boy, I am glad we did. There were some whales out there!

First, I was on landbank, looking at them:

I love the ability to get panoramic shots on my cell phone camera

And then on the water:

And then a Canadian boat hit a fledgling and passed the animal over to us! Soundwatch doesn't really deal with this type of thing, but we were closer to Wolf Hollow, the local wildlife rehabilitation center. So this is happening as another boat was calling in a stranding, some private boaters were going into the center of the Orcas out there, and I was calling people because I couldn't find the number for Wolf Hollow on the phone and 411 didn't work because we were out of service.

Eventually we got stuff settled out and settled the bird in the (clean) pee bucket.

Then we sped back to Snug Harbor.

While waiting for Wolf Hollow, there was an amazing Lion's Mane Jellyfish. Look at how big it is!

Last I saw, the bird was still living, but more updates to come!

Then that night, I went to the fair for funsies with my friend, Lili!

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