Friday, August 9, 2013


So, my stint as a Soundwatch volunteer ended today—but it ended with such a bang! The L-54s were out today—the whales have returned!

I’m not sure if I’ve been really talking about this in my blog, but we are having a drought of whales. They were gone for three weeks—inconceivable! But they’re back here and everyone is so freakin’ happy. There were worries going around when the whales didn’t come back for so long. But they came back, and boy what a day for Soundwatch!

It started off a bit foggy, but the sun soon burned it away and then all bets were off!

He just started coming at us!

Even with the fog, it was super pretty

The Poop Boat was out! Whale poop provides valuable information about the whales in the area

In case you didn't get the memo, whales are large!

Missed a breach! Well, actually two. I can't believe it! :(

Thankfully I caught this tail lob!

Tucker, the poop-sniffing dog!

And a cool-looking jellyfish!

Tucker again as we headed back in

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