Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bikes, Giftshops, and Employee Discounts!

I got a bike today! One of my co-workers at the Whale Museum had a bike that was not being used and graciously lent it to me to use for the rest of my stay here! I can finally get to the library fast! I’m super excited.

In other news today, I got to visit a Road Scholar group (the lecture was given out at their hotel as opposed to at the Whale Museum) and listen to Cindy’s talk on Cetaceans of the Salish Sea. Road Scholar groups always tend to ask insightful questions, so I’m always glad to listen in on a group because I always learn more.

After the Road Scholars, we headed back to the museum where there were a bunch of free-walking college students and a guided group of fifth graders waiting to learn about whales. All I can really say is that this part of the day whizzed past me so fast that it didn’t really leave an impression. Perhaps it’s because I already know quite a bit of the presentation that was given to the fifth graders.

After the fifth graders, I got to work in the shop. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve told you, but in addition to working as an intern, I’ve also gotten a job working at the gift shop—it’s paid and helps me feel a bit better about taking an unpaid internship (that is generously funded by my kind benefactor!) right after graduation (plus the loan counseling that accompanied it). Today I got a better idea of the stock room, worked the register without needing to ask people for help, and labeled items.

I get an employee discount, but I absolutely cannot use it; I’d go crazy otherwise. So far, I’ve only bought a pair of Orca earrings, and am eyeing some scarves…and a water bottle…and some plushes for people back home…

You see why I refuse to buy anything else yet? If I start, I may need another suitcase by the time I return home!

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  1. Just remember how hard it was to haul all the trinkets home from japan...that should keep you from buying too much!