Saturday, May 25, 2013

Around the Isle of San Juan

Saturday was just supposed to be a lazy day off. I had no work, no place to go, nothing to do. So what did I do? I slept in, for one thing. Then I had a lazy day in with guides to marine life as well as library books. And then, fate called me.

…Well, I say fate, but what I mean is my lovely benefactor.  He had time, a car and offered to show me around the island. Who was I to say no? I answered the call and got all ready and then we were off!

First was to stop in Roche Harbor, the other main city in San Juan Island, and also on the opposite tip of the island. During the drive, I was regaled with anecdotes about the island, its history, and his experiences in the marine naturalist training program. It was very informational. Roche Harbor is one of the closest points in the Pacific Northwest to Canada. I could see Vancouver Island from there! We had lunch, took a look at the marina, explored an English garden, and then headed south. I must say that the English garden we saw had some truly spectacular poppies.

Roche Harbor

The marina

Traveling south, we stopped by the English Camp National Historic Park and then went to an alpaca farm. Yes, you heard me right, an alpaca farm. There were many fuzzy, adorable alpacas which reminded me somewhat of the goats my family used to raise. It was almost an overload of cuteness. We drove past the San Juan County Park, Lime Kiln State Park, and then took a detour to see a lavender farm. Then we went down to see the False Bay and drove until we got to the American Camp National Historic Park. During that leg of the journey, we saw some animals—foxes, to be precise!

We also saw foxes

Following that, we ambled down to South Beach, Cattle Point, and Cape San Juan. The views were breathtaking. If were a weaker woman, I would have already decided to move here due to the gorgeous scenery, however I am determined to live in the South and the Southwest just to get my bearings straight before I decide to permanently settle down.

South Beach

More of South Beach
After that, we headed back, as he needed to catch the ferry. I had dinner and then got ready for bed. But what an excellent day!

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