Monday, July 22, 2013



I don't even care if that isn't grammatically accurate. I had so much fun today with tidepools. So much fun!

In Wisconsin, there are no tidepools. I had no idea what I was missing before this. It is GLORIOUS. Rather than going into a giant spiel, I'm going to show some of my favorite pictures that I took and explain about what's in them.

Barnacles--they will sometimes sound crunchy under your feet and they are EVERYWHERE


Blood star

Look at those tube feet!

And here's a decorator crab

And a suckerfish

I found this sea cucumber! It's a baby~!

Anemones are super pretty when they're not all closed up

Aren't the colors gorgeous?

These are baby jellyfish attached to a bull kelp leaf. They're not even old enough to go off on their own yet!

This is one happy, fed anemone
STARFISH (actually called "sea stars")

This is a special type of starfish called the sunflower star

Another sunflower star, with tube feet!

And my purple buddy's been returned to his natural habitat

We were seeing quite a lot of blood stars

And then a nudibranch!

Isn't it a cutie?

Baby blood star

Older blood star

And poppies (not in the tidal zone, but coming back from it)

In conclusion, I have discovered a love for tube feet, I need to go to more tidepools, and buying a waterproof camera is surely in my future.

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