Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marine Naturalist Training: THE LAST DAY

So for the final "educational" day of Marine Naturalist Training, we had quite a bunch of subjects to go over! We had a Orca identification lab, a bunch of information about the different birds, mustelids, and various wildlife that is associated with the ecosystems here, as well as a talk on Orca acoustics. I am in love. There is just that thrilling feeling you get when you hear someone talk about the different Orca languages and get to hear how their language is evolving and how the different pods have different accents and the different ecotypes can't even really speak the same language.


Then we had a dinner lecture on how to effectively communicate with your audience. Gosh, do I love this sort of thing. It's the informal education experience that I've always wanted. I am going to try and do so much with what I learn!

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