Friday, June 14, 2013

Sailboat Adventures

I was invited to join Jill and Bill on a sailboat adventure. Jill and Bill both work at the Whale Museum--Jill as the lady in charge of designing everything and Bill as a volunteer docent. Scott, another Wisconsinite, joined us as well. It was so much fun. The sailboat is Jill's--I call her Skipper Jill--but I got to steer it for a while!

Skipper Sarah -- but only for a couple of minutes!
Before we left, I got to see some baby jellyfish--they were so mini!


Scott, Jill, and Bill, my boating companions!


 There wasn't much wind, but while out on the water, I saw some pretty cool things.
We saw a seal out on the flat water

The ferry, heading to Anacortes

A peculiar rain-circle (opposed to the much more well-known rainbow)

The water
 By this time, I had settled into a comfortable position on the trip and then asked if, on the quiet waters, I could play some music. Everyone agreed, and thus I pulled out my phone and picked a song.

Those of you who know me are already probably reaching to hang your head in your hands, but I proudly admit it--I played Styx's "Come Sail Away." It was mood appropriate and I always appreciate a good pun. I wasn't thrown off the boat, so it wasn't that bad.

A house made of sod
And then we saw it--the elusive Mount Baker! Normally, when I had tried to see it in the past, it had been covered by clouds but now on a sailing trip, I finally got to see it!

Mount Baker arises!

Friday Harbor

More of Friday Harbor
 And then a water plane came down for a landing. We were so lucky to catch it!

 And then the ferry coming into Friday Harbor, with Mount Baker in the background.

Finally, we headed back to port, but I made sure to get a picture of me with Mount Baker in the background!

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